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[How does the viscosity of the protective film change with the weather?]
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How does the viscosity of the protective film change with the weather?

When purchasing a protective film, a specific viscosity is required. For example, the high-viscosity PE protective film such as sealing tape, more than 1,000 grams, or the low-viscosity PE protective film, is 30 grams, 20 grams such a viscosity.

Each protective film manufacturer’s viscosity in grams will indicate that it was measured in a “laboratory environment, constant temperature and humidity environment”. Why write it like this?

Because different humidity and ambient temperature do have a greater impact on the viscosity of the protective film, because the adhesives of the protective film are mainly solvent-based adhesives, the presence of moisture will inevitably be affected by the environment. Viscosity fluctuations.

To put it simply, when the weather is cold and the air is dry, the intermolecular vitality of the adhesive decreases, and the viscosity decreases. In the warm and humid spring, the viscosity will increase a little, especially in the hot summer, the adhesive viscosity will be higher. If it is a particularly humid environment, moisture may penetrate into the glue layer (there are many adhesives that are water-soluble glues), and the viscosity will also change differently.

Therefore, the use of protective film, especially the large-scale film in the industry, before the official production, it is recommended that you test several times to completely eliminate these external unfavorable factors, so that the film protection process can be completed better and more stably. The factory can It also saves manpower and material costs, and reduces product losses due to technical errors in filming.

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