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[For choosing a protective film, melt hair protective film manufacturers have these suggestions!]
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For choosing a protective film, melt hair protective film manufacturers have these suggestions!

Protective film has always played an important role in the packaging material market, and the development prospect of protective film is good. How to choose a protective film and what are the specialties when choosing a protective film? Today, Wuxi Rongfa professional protective film manufacturer will explain to everyone.

One, look at the haze of the protective film

1. What do you think of the haze of the protective film? The first thing to do is to check it when the monitor is off. After the protective film is pasted layer by layer, the clearer the color of the image on the computer screen, the smaller the haze. The smaller the haze, the better the material.

If you use a black test board, this method makes it easier to see the difference.

2. In a dark room, turn on the fluorescent light, tear off the upper and lower release paper of the protective film, and place your hand between your eyes and the light. Observe carefully whether there is a layer of evenly distributed mist on the protective film. This is the culprit affecting the haze. The more severe the fog, the worse the material. Otherwise, the better. (Please note that haze affects transmittance, but it and transmittance are two different concepts!)

Second, look at the degree of light transmission

This is difficult to recognize with the naked eye, and optical instruments are needed to measure it.

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