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[Market classification of protective film]
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Market classification of protective film

According to the protective film market, there are traditional protective films, protective films for flat-panel displays, and protective films for high-tech electronics.

1) Traditional protective film: such as galvanized steel plate protective film, color steel plate protective film, glass plate or plastic sheet protective film, etc. Such traditional protective films are mostly applications with low added value, have low performance and crystal point requirements, and are mostly glue-based protective films.

2) Protective film for flat panel displays: The application range includes flat panel displays, TFT-LCD modules, backlight modules, glass substrates and various optical components such as polarizers, color filters, etc. This type of protective film has very high requirements for viscosity and crystal point control, and is an application with high added value and high technology threshold.

3) Protective film for high-tech electronics industry: such as protective film for dry film or wafer polishing process. This type of protective film usually needs to be produced in a clean room, and the requirements for crystal points are extremely strict. Only a few protective film manufacturers have sufficient technical capabilities to meet these requirements.

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