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[What are the main factors affecting the viscosity of the protective film?]
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What are the main factors affecting the viscosity of the protective film?

There are three main factors that affect the viscosity of the protective film, namely wetting, molecular movement and diffusion, and penetration.


Wetting: The pressure-sensitive adhesive of the protective film can only be well wetted to achieve close contact with the surface of the object to be adhered, which creates conditions for physical and chemical combination.


Molecule movement and diffusion: When pressure-sensitive adhesive molecules move to the surface of the material to be adhered, when the distance between them is less than 5A, physical and chemical bonding will occur.


Penetration: Each adhesive layer flows into the grooves and gaps under a certain pressure, so that the contact area between the two can be increased, and then the adhesive can produce a mechanical bond with the material to be adhered. .

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