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[Why do crystal spots appear on the protective film?]
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Why do crystal spots appear on the protective film?

The crystal point of the protective film is also called fisheye, because its shape is like small and hard beads. The appearance of the crystal point will affect the appearance of the protective film, and the composite film will form bumps after being combined with other substrates. . Therefore, we need to pay attention to the production of protective films to fully understand the reasons for the occurrence of crystal points in the protective films.

The crystal points of the protective film are mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. The cleanliness of raw materials does not meet the standards, including the cleanliness of the raw materials themselves and the dust pollution of the environment; therefore, attention should be paid to the production process of protective films.

2. In the selection of raw materials, there is no selection of suitable or several raw materials, the difference of which is large, and the crystal points are easy to appear when the compatibility of the raw materials is not good; therefore, the selection of raw materials is very important.

3. Regarding the processing conditions of the protective film, improper processing temperature will cause poor plasticization or over-plasticization of the raw materials, which will cause crystal point phenomenon.

4. There is a problem with the processing capacity of the equipment. The equipment barrel screw, filter, etc. also have a very important influence on the generation of crystal points.

The above is the reason why the protective film will produce crystal points. In the next issue, let's take a look at how to solve different crystal points.

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