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[Sinopec successfully developed materials that changed plastic packaging from "cotton clothing" to "T-shirt"]
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Let plastic packaging change from "cotton clothing" to "T-shirt", which is a new bidirectional stretch polyethylene (BOPE) product independently developed by Sinopec.

BOPE film is made of polyethylene resin with special molecular structure design into a high-performance film product through a special bidirectional stretching process. Compared with traditional polyethylene film, BOPE film not only has better toughness, stiffness, puncture resistance and low temperature impact resistance, but also has better transparency, printing performance and higher production efficiency. Packaging with BOPE film can effectively reduce the thickness of plastic packaging and reduce the use of packaging materials by about 30%. Some people's image metaphor, the products that originally wore "cotton clothes" can now be lightly put on as long as they wear "T-shirts". In addition, the “BOPE+CPE” all-polyethylene packaging products made of cast polyethylene (CPE) special materials and films that also have Sinopec’s independent intellectual property rights have significant recyclability and recycling advantages, in line with the national development cycle The economic strategy and the "14th Five-Year Plan" require the recycling of plastic products to meet the market's demand for green packaging.

Wu Changjiang, the project leader of the "Key Technical Research on Functional Polymer Membrane Materials" of Sinopec's major project and the president of Beijing Institute of Chemical Industry, introduced that the domestically produced BOPE special materials and film products that were brought to the market this time are the results of the company's intensive research and development for many years. Successfully broke the foreign monopoly, and made positive contributions to Sinopec's development pattern of "one base, two wings, three news" and the promotion of the "100-day attack and create efficiency" action.

It is understood that this BOPE product has broad application prospects in fields such as rice vacuum packaging, quick-frozen food packaging, and beverage transparent flexible packaging. Taking only China's high-end rice in 2019 as an example, the annual sales volume was about 1 million tons. If all domestic BOPE products are used instead of traditional rice packaging materials, the packaging cost can be saved by about 60 million yuan, and the plastic consumption can be reduced by about 5,500 tons. The new packaging can also reduce the breakage rate and better maintain the quality of rice.

Source: China Plastic Online

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