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[collected! This article explains the protective film in detail!]
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collected! This article explains the protective film in detail!

The protective film on the market is roughly divided into three structures on two sides: the base layer and the glue layer. The general process of the protective film: the glue is evenly coated on the base material, and the base layer is mixed with the base material. The co-extrusion process of the protective film: that is, the rubber particles are mixed with the substrate without glue on the surface, but it has a certain adhesion and will not produce residual glue.

The protective film is soft in nature, has good adhesive properties, is easy to stick, easy to peel, and has no residual glue. The protective film is divided into different materials: PE protective film, PVC protective film, PET protective film, PP protective film, TPU protective film and PU protective film.

The application fields of the protective film are: stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum alloy profiles, plastic steel profiles and doors and windows, aluminum-plastic plates, fluorocarbon plates, mirror panels, sandwich color steel plates, fireproof panels, decorative panels, plexiglass panels, PS, PE, Products that need to be protected in various fields such as PVC board sunlight board (polycarbonate board), anti-theft door, signage, coated glass, high-end furniture, high-end handicrafts, electrical cabinets, computer housings, automotive lamps, floors, household appliance housings, instrumentation, etc. All surfaces can be used.

A particularly good advantage of the protective film is that it can protect the product from pollution, corrosion, scratches, and protect the original glossy surface during production, processing, transportation, storage, and use, thereby improving product quality and market competition. force.

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