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[Why should I paste the glass explosion-proof protective film?]
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With the widespread use of glass materials in life, glass breakages of various causes often occur, not only causing loss of our property, but also threatening our lives. The importance of pasting glass explosion-proof protective films has gradually entered the homes of people's lives.

Pasting the glass explosion-proof protective film can prevent the glass from breaking and splashing in the event of an accident, so as not to hurt people and property. It can also effectively prevent the glass from exploding in normal times, and also has special effects such as thermal insulation, UV protection, privacy protection, and beautification.

All in all, the glass explosion-proof protective film has many benefits, not only to enhance the strength of the glass, but also to increase energy efficiency and prevent injury to people.

[Special attention when pasting glass explosion-proof protective film]:

①. Make sure that no air bubbles are generated when the film is applied.

②. After sticking the film, use a professional cleaner to wipe the surface of the explosion-proof film to ensure that it is bright and smooth.

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