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[Does the protective film on the integrated ceiling need to be removed?]
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Does the protective film on the integrated ceiling need to be removed?

The protective film should be torn off before installing the integrated ceiling. It is not allowed not to tear it off, indicating that the installer has not done the job properly, but since it has been installed, the only way is to dismantle the board. Use a utility knife along the sides of the board, remember that it is the side, there is still a regular seam around the side of the installed board, along this seam, the utility knife will be neatly scratched at an angle of about 45 degrees, and then tear off the protective film, You can rest assured that under normal circumstances, the strength you use will not hurt the top plate. As a reminder, the outer edge (all sides) of each board must be scratched. Do not try to scratch one or three sides and want to tear off the protective film. Because the protective film has very toughness, it will be very stiff. , It is also easy to make the board surface misaligned, but will be forced to take the board to tear the film.

In addition to the integrated ceiling protective film, the protective film can also be used as a glass explosion-proof protective film, home appliance plastic protective film, stainless steel deep-drawing protective film, custom printed protective film, laser protective film, automotive carpet protective film, etc.

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