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[As a new material product, what are the opportunities for its market development?]
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As a new material product, modified plastic belongs to the national strategic emerging industry category. Therefore, it is encouraged and supported by national policies. The central and local governments provide a good policy environment for the healthy and stable operation of the industry. Among them, "Made in China 2025", "National Economic and Social Development 13th Five-Year Plan Outline" and "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan" set the direction for the development of modified plastic technology.

The lightweight of automobiles and the fashion of thin and light household appliances provide new opportunities for the development of the modified plastics industry. To achieve the goals of lightweight and thin, in addition to optimizing the structure and process design, most of them focus on the selection of materials. It is expected that in the next few years, the automobile industry will become the fastest-growing area for consumption of modified plastics. Therefore, with the influence of the trends of “plastic steel instead of steel” and “lightweight of automobiles and fashion of thin and light home appliances”, policies such as “new urbanization” and “building a beautiful China” have been gradually implemented, and modified plastics industry has applied products Will be further expanded. The application of modified plastics in lightweight vehicles, high-end home appliances, and low-cost products will shine, and it is expected that my country's demand for modified plastics will exceed 25 million tons by 2024.

At present, about 30% of the domestic modified plastics market is occupied by multinational companies. Most of them are large chemical companies integrating upstream raw materials, modification processing, and product sales. They have great advantages in raw material supply and production scale.

There are nearly 2,000 domestic enterprises engaged in the production of modified plastics, and only 40 enterprises with a production capacity of more than 30,000 tons, and only one of Jinfa Technology with a production capacity of more than 1 million tons. The phenomenon that domestic high-end modified plastic products rely on foreign companies in the next few years Will continue.

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