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[How to control the process of printing protective film?]
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How to control the process of printing protective film?

Most protective films are non-polar polymers with low surface tension, generally 29~30mN/m. In theory, if the surface tension of an object is lower than 33mN/m, currently known inks and adhesives None can be firmly attached to the top, so corona treatment should be performed on the surface of the printed protective film. Normally the corona power is 4.0W and the speed is 30m/min. After corona, it needs to be printed on the machine within 5 minutes. If it is over 10 minutes, it needs to be re-corona to be on the machine.

During the printing process, the material of the printing protective film will contact the printing roller, and friction will cause scratches on the surface of the material. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap all the impression rollers that are in contact with the protective film with a soft clean cloth and replace it daily, so that the surface of the protective film can be largely avoided from scratches.

Qualified printed protective film products require accurate and clear text and clear graphics edges. The smaller the characters, the more difficult it is to control the definition. In order to control the clarity and firmness of the printed graphics during the printing process of the protective film, it is required to continuously check during the printing process. Both the first and last checks and the middle check are essential.

The specific operation method is that the inspector randomly picks up the protective film, tests whether the ink drops with tape, and refers to the graphic content on the process document to see whether the printed content is consistent.

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