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[Italy postpones plastic tax Some people rejoice and others worry]
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Due to Italy's attempt to protect its economy during the coronavirus outbreak, the country has put a tax plan of 450 euros (483 US dollars) per ton on plastic raw materials until next year.

The tax was originally scheduled for July 1st, and the tax will apply to all untreated plastics (excluding recycled plastics and compostable bioplastics), but the tax is now postponed until 2021.

According to analysis by ICIS Consulting, sources from different industries such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) believe that postponing the plastic tax is a positive or negative measure , Depending on the position of the polymer in the industrial chain.

Supporting postponement of plastic taxes will help the plastics industry

"Removal of plastic taxes will help the industry," said a distributor of polypropylene and polyethylene. "In recent weeks, our trading volume has increased significantly. If the government levies taxes, it will be able to collect a lot of plastic taxes. But it is estimated that the government does not want to squeeze the economy further," the distributor added.

"If a plastic tax is levied, it will increase the production cost of the polymer, which is a disaster for the entire industry ... Now at this time, the government should not levy taxes and should distribute the money. In addition, the market Demand is also slowing down, "said a PET trader.

Believe that postponing the plastic tax is not conducive to the recycling industry

However, there are some less positive views. "If you are in the recycling business, postponing the plastic tax is not good news for us. If your industry benefits from the plastic tax, you will be very disappointed." Another PET trader said.

Source: China Plastic Online

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