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[Hello everyone, I am a plastic protective film for household appliances in the protective film series (3)]
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What is the plastic protective film for home appliances, do we need to remove the plastic protective film for home appliances when we use home appliances? Are plastic protective films for home appliances really useful for home appliances? Today, please study with Wuxi Rongfa protective film manufacturers.

As the name suggests, the plastic protective film for home appliances is a thin film that protects home appliances. This protective film is mainly used to prevent friction, scratches, damage, etc. during the transportation or handling of home appliances, while also avoiding contamination of the surface of home appliances .

For the protective film on home appliances, what do we need to do when home appliances need to be used?

1. Refrigerator

The newly bought refrigerator will also carry a film. At this time, we must pay attention, we have to see if the protective film on the back of the refrigerator is attached to the heat dissipation net. If it is posted on the heat dissipation network, we must tear it off in time, because it will affect the heat dissipation of the refrigerator, not torn off, not to waste electricity, but also reduce the life of the refrigerator. Moreover, if it is not torn off in time, it will not only be difficult to tear, but also unattractive when the film ages.

2. Microwave

There will be a thin plastic film on the newly purchased microwave oven. If we don't tear it off in time, the film will age over time and the colored ones will fade. Moreover, the temperature of the microwave oven is relatively high, which will cause bubbles on the surface of the film, which not only affects the appearance of the microwave oven, but also is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the microwave oven, so we should tear this layer of film off.

3. TV

Not to mention the TV, there will be a layer of film to protect it when you buy it back. Many people say not to tear this off, which can effectively protect the TV and prevent the TV from being scratched. And it is also transparent in itself, which does not prevent us from watching TV. In fact, if we take this film to watch TV, the effect is not very good. It takes a lot of eyes, and it is difficult to tear off after aging. If we want to protect the TV, we can buy a special radiation-proof plastic film for the TV, which does not hinder the appearance and does not affect watching TV.

4. Washing machine

If the washing machine is placed in a bathroom and other places with humid air for a long time, the outer protective film will wrinkle and warp. In addition, when the washing machine is used, water will penetrate into the film. Because the film is not breathable, it is easy to cause problems such as rust and corrosion of the casing. The washing machine for long-term storage can be covered with a cloth cover, coated with butter on the junction of the base and the casing, and wrapped with transparent tape, so as to prevent moisture from entering and effectively reduce the degree of rust. But pay attention to regular inspection and replacement to prevent oil drying or damage to the tape.

In fact, in our life, many people think that the film has a certain protective effect, and some people may tear it off because of laziness. Usually it stays. And some people think that this film can prevent household appliances from accumulating dust. But it does affect the daily use of home appliances, and it will also lead to a significant reduction in the life of home appliances.

In fact, the protective film is only designed to avoid scratches during transportation and handling when leaving the factory. When we buy it back, we need to tear them off, because the sooner the easier it is to tear off, when you use it for a long time, it is more difficult to tear it off. Just like chewing gum, it is easy to tear off at the beginning. It takes a long time to fix and it is difficult to handle.

After the above introduction, do you have a certain understanding of the plastic protective film for home appliances? But in fact, the quality of the protective film is often very important. Wuxi Rongfa Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that has been devoted to the production and manufacture of protective films for many years. It has always implemented scientific management and strict quality. Its main products are protective films, self-adhesive films, PE substrate films, etc. We sincerely welcome users to visit and guide.

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