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[Hello everyone, I am the glass explosion-proof protective film of the protective film series (2)]
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What is a glass explosion-proof protective film? Glass explosion-proof protective film is a high-tech protective film specially designed to protect glass. It can prevent damage from external forces, scratch the outside, and increase shock absorption.

The glass explosion-proof protective film has the following characteristics: high hardness, scratch resistance, impact resistance and friction resistance, and it will not affect the video effect of the screen, and the picture is high and clear.

Advantages of glass explosion-proof protective film:

1. The glass explosion-proof protective film makes full use of the adhesive layer and metal plating to improve the rigidity of the glass and decompose the impact on the surface. All metals have good ductility and toughness. When subjected to external forces, the metal coating can effectively offset and decompose the impact. Even when the glass is broken, the metal material in the glass explosion-proof protective film will produce a kind of tensile force, and together with the glue of the adhesive layer, it will pull the glass fragments and fix it without splashing, thus effectively protecting the person And property safety. Whether it is architectural glass or automobile glass, the glass explosion-proof protective film can prevent personal injury and death after the glass is broken accidentally.

2. Through the micro-displacement of the unique stack of the glass explosion-proof protective film sliding between each other, the impact force acting on the safety film through the glass can be relieved, and most of the impact can be relieved, forming a unique impact resistance.

In addition, the longer the installation time of the glass explosion-proof protective film, the stronger the adhesion between the glass film and the glass.

3. The main material of the glass explosion-proof protective film polyester substrate (PET) is a strong, high-toughness elastic substrate, which can also greatly relieve the external impact force, so as to achieve a safety effect.

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