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[In the past week, the number of suspensions was 400%, and imported recycled particles dropped sharply]
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According to a new research report by the well-known shipping consulting agency Sea-Intelligence zui, the number of suspensions has soared by 400% in the past week alone, and the number of suspensions of major east-west trade routes has increased from 45 to 212 flights. There will also be up to 3 million TEUs of capacity to stop dishes!

The container industry faces a serious capacity crisis ever

Over the next few weeks, more than 3 million Teu capacity will be forced to idle

Although the shipping data disclosed by the major shipping companies in the world through the media is about 30%, it is understood that according to the current suspension arrangements and planning, the actual capacity of the suspension may be as high as 40% -50%, that is to say, container liner The company is about to usher in a semi-stop state (capacity or fleet)!

Multiple ports in India shut down! Over 50,000 containers stranded!

Since the Indian Prime Minister Modi announced the 21-day closure of the country on March 25, the major Indian ports have basically fallen into a "shutdown" state!

According to a new report from foreign media, due to the impact of the covid19 virus, truck drivers have returned to their hometowns and the ports have been shut down. At the private container terminal, more than 50,000 shipping containers have not been cleared, and major ports and freight stations are congested!

Ports in many European countries are facing paralysis, port cargo is piled up, Australian retailers are closed in large numbers, and the problem of container cargo squeezing the port of Melbourne still exists. In May, there will be a relatively large rebound ", but from April to the present, the rebound expected by the industry has not come.

According to reports, the world's largest car throughput center, Zeebrugge, Belgium, is taking measures to store thousands of unmanned vehicles, including paving dirt roads to create additional space for parking vehicles.

Some companies including CMA CGM provide unloading services at the transfer station before the arrival of Zuizhong Port of Silas.

The headers exported to Asia dropped by two thirds

Philip Edge, chief executive of British freight company Edge Worldwide Logistics, said that the accumulation of containers in the port has just begun.

71 airlines worldwide are grounded

According to incomplete statistics of the Civil Aviation Resources Network, as of April 17, there are still 71 airlines in the world in a state of ground suspension. In addition, a considerable number of airlines have completely suspended international routes, leaving only a few domestic flights. Such airlines include: Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air Portugal, Vietnam Airlines, Southwest Airlines, WestJet, Kenya Airways, Jetstar Airways, Czech Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Korean Air Oman Air, Albi Air, Chile Jet Airways, Colombia Avianca Airlines.

It is worth noting that due to the unclear form of the epidemic, travel restrictions in many countries have continued to tighten, and airlines have postponed the previously announced go-around and capacity supplement plan accordingly. Taking Canada as an example, according to local media reports on the 13th, three airlines in Canada have decided to extend the grounding time, namely Air Canada, Transocean Air, and Sunwing Airlines. Among them, the suspension of Air Canada ’s international routes will continue until June of this year, and the time of the two other airlines ’go-arounds has been postponed to May 31.

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