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[Hello everyone, I am the anti-static protective film of the protective film series (1)]
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Hello everyone, I am the anti-static protective film of the protective film series! Anti-static protective film has unique characteristics and functions, and is widely used in packaging materials, computer display, LCD, LCD, TV screen, mobile phone digital, DVD display and other surface protective film. So, what are the characteristics and functions of anti-static protective film?

Anti-static protective film is based on polyester film with anti-static treatment, coated with acrylic adhesive and anti-static treatment layer and laminated with release film. This anti-static agent can effectively absorb the "water" After the water is obtained, it can be neutralized with static electricity to achieve anti-static effect. Surface protection material with the function of preventing dust and impurities from absorbing and preventing electrostatic damage.

Characteristics of anti-static protective film

Feature 1: Good adhesion, good conformability, solvent resistance, use in normal temperature environment, straight edge, no residue.

Use: Applicable to acting and general industrial shielding.

Feature 2: Good high temperature resistance, good viscosity, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, no floating, no glue residue.

Use: Suitable for spray paint under high temperature environment.

Feature 3: It has good adhesion performance, good solvent resistance and good weather resistance. It is suitable for use around 150 ° C with no spillage, and the separation line is clear.

Use: Suitable for car color separation and masking, industrial machine painting. Suitable for spray paint in high temperature environment.

The above is the introduction of relevant knowledge about the characteristics and functions of anti-static protective film.

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