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[The NDRC is referring to disposable plastic packaging. Will degradable plastics usher in good news?]
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On April 10, the National Development and Reform Commission released the Catalogue of Plastic Products Prohibited and Restricted from Production, Sales, and Use (Draft for Comment), which is open for public comments. The draft for solicitation of opinions clearly stipulates that the production, sale and use of non-degradable plastic packaging bags, plastic fast food packaging, non-degradable disposable plastic woven bags, disposable plastic supplies in hotels and hotels, etc. are prohibited and restricted.

It is reported that the "Exposure Draft" is a supplement to the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on January 19, which will refine the ban on the production, sale and use of plastic products in various fields. Policy limits and implementation standards.

According to the "Draft for Comment", the prohibited and restricted plastic products include non-degradable plastic bags, non-degradable disposable plastic tableware, disposable plastic supplies for hotels and hotels, express plastic packaging, etc. Among them, non-degradable disposable plastics banned in catering services include meal boxes (including lids), bowls (including lids), cups (including lids), plates, dishes, knives, forks, spoons, etc., but the above regulations are limited to dining halls Food service, except food and beverage package delivery service.

Prohibited and restricted use of disposable plastic products in hotels and hotels includes: consumable plastic products used in hotels, restaurants, hotels, guest rooms, and other places, including plastic combs, toothbrushes, soap boxes, sewing boxes, shower caps, washing and care product containers (Such as bottle of shampoo, bottle of shampoo, bottle of moisturizer, etc.), laundry bag, etc.

In addition, the implementation areas and deadlines for the prohibition and restriction of production, sales and use of various categories are implemented in accordance with the "Exposure Draft", and the detailed standards of the categories involved in the catalog will be dynamically adjusted according to the implementation. During major public emergencies such as natural disasters, accidents, public health incidents, and social security incidents, disposable plastic products used for emergency security, material distribution, and catering services in specific areas can be exempted from prohibition and use.

It is reported that the time for public consultation is April 10-19, 2020. (Source: National Development and Reform Commission, China Net)

Warm summary

The consultation draft has written a lot of content. If you do n’t pay attention, you may overlook or misunderstand. The editor summarizes the following three points:

1. Prohibit or restrict non-degradable disposable plastic packaging in hotels and restaurants. It is recommended to use degradable plastic or paper packaging;

2. Prohibit or restrict non-degradable disposable plastic packaging for express delivery, it is recommended to use degradable plastic or paper packaging

3. Disposable plastic packaging for food and beverage packaging is not limited, whether it can be degraded or not.

Main keywords: non-degradable and disposable, reusable plastic packaging is not limited.

1. For consumers, disposable plastic supplies and appliances in hotels and restaurants will be reduced in the future. Those who have higher requirements for cleanliness and hygiene should try to bring their own supplies and appliances when traveling on accommodation.

2. For brands, hotel, restaurant products, try not to use non-degradable disposable plastic products, can use degradable plastic, paper packaging.

3. For plastic packaging companies, it is necessary to reduce the production of disposable plastic packaging for hotels, catering or express delivery, or switch to degradable plastics. From a certain point of view, this regulation may be a boon for biodegradable plastic and paper packaging enterprises.

Source: China Plastic Online

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