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[How to control the printing process of protective film?]
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How to control the printing process of protective film?

Most plastic films (such as polyolefin films) are non-polar polymers with low surface tension, generally 29-30mN / m. In theory, if the surface tension of an object is lower than 33mN / m, it is currently known The inks and adhesives cannot be firmly attached to it, so the surface must be corona treated.

The material of the protective film is mostly polyolefin, which needs corona treatment before printing. Usually the corona power is 4.0W and the speed is 30m / min. After corona, it is required to print on the machine within 5 minutes. If it is more than 10 minutes, you need to re-corona to use the machine.

During the printing process, since the protective film material will contact the platen roller, friction will cause scratches on the surface of the material. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap all the impression rollers that are in contact with the protective film with a soft and clean layer. It is well known that in the composition of electronic products, the protective film is an indispensable part of it. Whether it is a mobile phone, camera or tablet computer, it is A protective film should be attached to protect the product screen.

The transparency, flatness and cleanliness of the protective film affect the consumer's impression of electronic products. A good quality protective film will also enhance the external image of the electronic product. Therefore, the die-cutting factory has the protective film products Strict process control.

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