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[BPF said that the plastics industry has shined in the fight against viruses]
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The British Plastics Federation (BPF) said that the plastics industry has shined in the fight against coronavirus, and many companies have spared no effort to meet the sudden surge in demand for key products. In terms of turnover, BPF accounts for 85% of the UK plastics industry.

Companies such as Cromwell Polyne are supplying daily but vital products such as garbage bags and recycling bags to key industries, while also producing medical waste bags, gloves and aprons. Some manufacturers have turned to production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are using innovative technologies such as Intouch i4 Cloud to promote this, because the technology allows them to perform fully unmanned machine operations on weekends, ensuring Increase employee safety while increasing production.

Obviously, the demand for medical packaging and hand sanitizer bottles and caps has increased significantly. Ineos announced at the end of March that it will build a hand sanitizer factory in just 10 days, and can produce 1 million bottles of hand sanitizer per month.

During coronavirus infections, non-medical plastic packaging also continues to play an important role in helping to keep food fresh. Since most people work from home, panic buying and shifts in consumer behavior have created continuing challenges, and the packaging industry has been tirelessly overcoming these challenges.

At the same time, Polystar Plastics said that in 2020, for every ton of PCWflex new material sold, it will donate 5 pounds ($ 6) to the NHS (UK National Medical Service System).

Philip Law, Director General of BPF, said: "The plastics industry is crucial in the fight against coronaviruses. We have been responding to queries from some organizations and coordinating the supply of supplies as much as possible. Although every company is currently facing challenges, we It has been rewarding the country, protecting key workers, and providing a variety of basic medical supplies, including ventilator components. I am proud that our industry has come forward and displayed its true colors in this crisis. "

Source: China Plastic Online

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