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Gift bags for the substrate film
  • Gift bag special substrate film glossy surface glue and paper or other substrate compound, commonly used in books, advertising books, gift bags surface composite, the appearance of three-dimensional, after the composite for food packaging (biscuits, dried fruit, tea , Cakes, etc.) can create a natural product image, or directly made into a stealth tape.

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    Gift bag special substrate film is a high haze and low gloss, with a diffuse-like extinction film. In the process of plastic flexible packaging, packaging materials, a layer of matte film composite surface, you can eliminate the film surface reflective. Glossy surface with plastic and other substrate compound, matting surface can be UV ink, or hot stamping process. This product has excellent surface matting effect, good ink absorption, elegant appearance, suitable for advanced food packaging and printing of composite packaging.

    Wuxi Rongfa Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of high-end PE protective film, single and double-color printing composite film. Excellent product performance, complete specifications model to meet the different needs of various industries.

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